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Online dating site for British singles looking to meet new people

Singles Who Lunch is a British-based website that helps people who want to meet up and get to know each other. While this website is for British people who want to meet up and have fun, it’s not limited to British people.


Fortunately, there are a whole group of people from the United States and other areas who may want to participate. Even though its name indicates lunch, there is no limit on the time of day that you can meet. Here’s what it takes to get started.

Getting Started!

The website is secure, but it protects you as a dater from people creating fictitious accounts that waste your time online. When you sign up, you’ll be asked for your email address and a verification link will be sent to you. Once you get the verification link, you can log in and begin completing your profile.

When your profile is complete, you can begin searching for singles. Information you may find about your matches includes their age, astrological sign, country of origin and region, and their gender and the gender of the person they’re seeking. You’ll also find the age and country they prefer for their match.

A more in depth view of their profile will tell you what they want in a mate and what their interests are. In addition, you’ll learn about their status, build, and whether or not they have children. Their drinking habits, smoking habits, education, ethnicity, eye color, facial hair, hair color, hair length, height, and health condition will also be revealed. Some matches will also reveal their annual incomes.

Get Involved with Singles Who Lunch
If you’re searching for singles, you’ll be impressed by the wide variety of people that you’ll meet on the site. There are people of all races, income levels, and interests. You’ll be sure to find someone who will pique your interest at least long enough to have a cup of coffee. Keep in mind that it’s not just for British singles. Many people from all over have found love on the website. So, register your profile and good luck in your search!

Dating website: http://www.singleswholunch.co.uk

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