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JDate:Dating website for Jewish singles

The JDate website is a new dating website for Jewish singles. The site provides a way for Jewish singles to connect with each other without wasting time and money on traveling expenses and searching in the wrong locations.


The website offers a convenient search tool that a person could use today to find someone who matches his or her requirements and desires. Profile creation is quick and easy. An interested party could become a new member and find someone as early as today.

JDate Features

JDate.com has an extensive list of modern features that members can use on the website. Members can browse photos to see pictures of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes on the site. They may also engage in one or all of three communication features: email, IM or chat. IM or instant messaging is a convenient service that allows members to speak to each other “on the fly.” Email is a feature that allows members to take their time and communicate with each other when they are not busy. JDate has a mobile application that members can download and use when they are on the go. The application is available on the iOS and Android mobile phone systems.

Special JDate Features

JDate has a wide variety of features that Jewish singles can find particularly useful. One such feature is the Synagogue Directory. Members can search the directory to find synagogues in their local areas. The directory has listings in the United States, Europe, South America, North America, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Middle East. Another useful feature that members can find on JDate is the Jewish Holiday Calendar. The calendar lists all the Jewish holidays and traditions so that a new member can familiarize himself or herself with the traditions.

Dating Safety

Many modern dating sites do not provide enough safety advice for its member. JDate has an entire section on safe practices that in which its members should engage. Online daters always have to protect themselves from possible abuse and other poor intentions. The safety page advises new members of methods for preventing financial fraud, privacy violations and other crimes. New members can review the safety section so they will know how to protect themselves on and off the site.

Interested persons can join JDate free and take the site on a test run to see if they like the services. Registration takes less than five minutes. The site has a tool to help new members create a basic profile. The tools ask the person for information such as zip code, height, smoking status, marital status, educational level and more. The new members can fine-tune their profiles to increase the chances of locating someone special.

Dating website: http://www.jdate.com


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