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Jewishfriendfinder.com:Jewish Dating

Webpages are often designed for general appeal. Those websites have their place, but there is a real “home” page aimed at just the Jewish people, both secular Jews and the ones in synagogue on high feast days.


The website has a simple, straightforward name, “Jewish Friend-Finder” (“Jewish FriendFinder” in internet shorthand) at the web address jewishfriendfinder.com. Try this website on for size! Here’s what you will find when you set your browser for this address.

Integrity! Jewish FriendFinder begins at the top with this description of itself: “Trusted.” A website aimed at “people of the Jewish Faith.” A networking source for finding people, “Jewish men and women.” Aims? “Friendship, love, marriage.”

Take a look at the “Join Now!” button. You press it and you get an instant view of Jewish FriendFinder members in your state, province, or country. There’s an option to join up, free, right away.

But we are just surveying a bit to look this website over. Back out to the home page. Now try the “Magazine” link. You have reached an interaction page where members author interesting articles and content is interactive. That is, yes, go and read, but then respond, add a comment or author your own piece!

Back out of this link and get back to the home page. Hit the “Blog” button. You have accessed the member blog page. Jewish FriendFinders can interact with others on this page or set up their own blogs. The blog is an opportunity to promote yourself and explain how your Jewish life experiences relate to others. You can browse by location or forum.

Now, back out to the home page again. Find “Chat” to enter the chat rooms. Various rooms are available, but you cannot access a room without deciding for that free membership. The options for interaction in the chat format range from advice (a little kibbetz needed?) to a shoulder for support (kvetch or little cry needed?).

So, back to that home page one more time. Find the “Help” button on the far right of the Home page. You have just reached the definitive source of “General Information” and joining. A variety of questions are answered—you just need to scroll down the page. There’s a mini-search engine right on the Help page as well. Just enter your question.

Why not check out  http://jewishfriendfinder.com ?

Jewishfriendfinder.com:Jewish Dating Loona

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