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Zoosk:Find Singles to Date

In the world that we live in it’s changing rapidly, the dating world is also changing as well. Statistics has shown that many people are now dating someone they met online.


These type of facts have sparked pop-ups of dating websites all over the Internet. Although the concept of dating websites might be quite new to some, Zoosk.com is not new. Starting up in 2007, Zoosk was one of the first dating sites to appear on Facebook.com as well. They now have over 50 million members and are the number one premiere dating site on Facebook.com.

So what makes Zoosk.com so beloved? There are many things that draw people to this website, besides being single, and looking for a date. You can sign up for free, and use their services for free, and only pay if you decide to take advantage of more of their features. With a minimum $9.99 per month prescription fee, it’s very reasonable compared to other dating websites. You can put up your profile, and allow others to see it, and contact you if they’re interested, or vice versa. Please note that there are limited features if you have a free service.

For those that pay, you can access all the features that the website has to offer. Zoosk.com has a scientifically created matchmaking system and allows for a potential match with other members daily. The search functionality is great because it searches through millions of profiles. The Carousel is several profile pictures gathered around for your viewing convenience. For those looking for a website with ease of use for dating, Zoosk is it.

This website has over 25 different languages available, and it’s also available in 70 different countries. With Zoosk being able to pull your profile easily from your Facebook page, set up on the website is a breeze. Because of its heavy integration with Facebook.com, over 70% of Zoosk.com users opt to connect with their Facebook accounts. Zoosk is well known for being very integrated into social media and mobile platforms too.

If you go to the Google Play store, Zoosk is the number one dating app that is downloaded. It’s also the number one downloaded dating app in the iOS App Store, as well as the number one dating app downloaded for android phones. With the integration into social media, as well as mobile phones, you can choose to use a Zoosk on your computer at home, or on the go.

Web site:https://www.zoosk.com

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